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It is my honor to officiate for all couples who desire to make a commitment. 
My only requirement is that you love one another -

nothing else is any of my business. 

Any type of Celebration using any wording or theme.
  Indoors or out, a park, a campground, a lake or your Aunt Lucy's backyard!

I will provide you with my 'Ceremony Builder' that is 42 pages of readings, poems, vows, etc. (both Secular & Religious), so that you can create a unique & personalized ceremony that will perfectly express your beliefs & love.

I have officiated over 400 weddings in the past 8 years and have a 5 star rating on Wedding Wire.  With my step by step guidance, I will help you make your wedding wonderful and as stress-free as possible. 

Here is a video of my performing part of a ceremony at Sand Hill Crane Vineyards, starting at 2:29:
A special Thank You to newlyweds Shana & Bradley and to Camera Kidd who created this masterpiece!

Rev. Christine Tanier



Civic/Secular Ceremony:  Without reference to religion or spirituality.             
Non-denominational: Christian or traditional ceremony that doesn't reference any one particular religion.
Inter-faith:  For couples of different faiths, blending the traditions of both.
Spiritual:  Whatever resonates to your heart, including Wiccan, Pagan and other alternative beliefs.

                                              THEMED CEREMONIES:

                               ~Renaissance              ~Medieval, Celtic   
                               ~Victorian                     ~Vintage, Flapper
                               ~Sci Fi, LOTR                ~Star Trek, Star Wars
                               ~Western, Pirate       ~Hawaiian, Beach
                               ~Goth, Halloween     ~Sports, etc.

                            SAME SEX MARRIGAES:

I am so happy same sex marriages are now legal thoughout the United States and am honored to serve the LGBTQ community.
The Marriage Licenses now read: 'Spouse Signature', not 'Bride' and 'Groom'...isn't that wonderful?

                              VOW RENEWALS:

Whether you've been married one year or fifty, renewing your vows to one another is the perfect way to tell your mate how deep your love is.
And this time you can have the ceremony exactly how you'd like it.   


An ancient Celtic and Pagan tradition as a pledge of commitment, betrothal or marriage.  The vows may be taken for "a year and a day", "a lifetime", "for all of Eternity" or "for as long as love shall last".
The couple's clasped hands are bound together with a cord, hence the phrase "tying the knot".
Handfasting can also be included as a romantic addition  to any ceremony. 


October may be the month of tricks & treats but why not for Romance too?
A 'Spooky' wedding with a special script that includes a Wine & Chocolate ceremony,  Handfasting and Jumping the Broom.
I will provide all the props and dress up either as Gypsy Medium
"Madame Melazonde" or wear my regular black dress.
This is a fun and romantic wedding for all Halloween loving couples!
Due to the extras provided, Halloweddings are $350

Elopement (With 2 Witnesses only):  $200
Simple Wedding (With 2 Couples only in the Wedding Party):  $250
Elegant Wedding (With more than 2 Couples in the Party): $300

~ Previous day Rehearsal: $50

(A $100 Non-refundable Save-the-Date Deposit is required)

~ There is no Travel fee ... however I only travel within 50 miles,

 (or 1 hour) from the Jackson area -  See map:

To pay the $100 Deposit click this PayPal button:  
(Don't pay a deposit unless you have checked with me to make sure your chosen date is available.)

Rev. Christine Tanier is the owner and Minister of Celebrations Wedding Chapel  in the 
village of Horton, just 15 minutes outside of Jackson.

If you have 50 or less guests and are looking for a unique &  romantic venue for your occasion, click here to see the website:  Celebrations


Below are some lovely mini ceremonies that can be included in your Wedding.            
Note: You supply your own candles, sand, stones, etc. 
and I will have the appropriate reading to accompany them.

Symbolizing the joining of two lives, the bride and groom each take a lit taper and light the central candle together.

Symbolizing the joining of your lives, the bride and groom each pour different colored sand into a central vase.
A true 'Lovers Knot' that becomes stronger under pressure symbolizing a bond that will forever tie
your hearts and withstand the storms of life.

The bride and groom plant a seedling or seeds into a chosen planter then together they pour water over it.  Also can use a small tree already in a container that can later be planted in the yard of your new home.
Representing the contributions of family and friends, flowers are passed out to each guest before the ceremony.  Each person thinks of a blessing for the couple then places the flower in a vase at the front of the room.
A stone is given to each guest upon their arrival.  They hold the stone in their hand and make a wish for the couple's life together.  Then with a felt tip pen, they write their name and wish on the stone and place it in a special container to give the couple.
Handfasting within the Wedding ceremony symbolizes: 
"The ties are not formed by these ribbons or even by the knots connecting them. They are formed by your vows. Your two souls and hearts are now bound together as one.”

A new ceremony idea where the Bride & Groom each paint a picture or pour paint over a blank canvas together.  Sometimes taping off the outline of a heart then the tape is removed. It can even serve as a Guest Book.
In ancient times when precious metals for rings were difficult to afford, this Celtic tradition had the couple say their vows while holding a stone, symbolizing setting their vows in stone.
This tradition is said to be rooted in ancient Africa where couples would jump sticks to signify entering into a new life together.  Wiccans believe the broom sweeps away negative energy.
​Perfect for a Hallowedding! 
  The Anniversary Box serves as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heartfelt letters, describing your thoughts and feelings are locked away in a wine box along with 2 glasses, to be revealed at a time of your choosing in the future.  
The Bride & Groom each put a part in place so together they assemble the Heart or Cross.
While the Heart is non-religious, the Cross wording includes "The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit." 

The Lasso is often combined with the Arras

ARRAS or COIN Ceremony:

13 gold coins which they pass to one another to
symbolize the give & take necessary in a successful 
marriage. Also the commitment of the Groom to protect & provide for his family and the Bride's faith in him.


The 'Lasso' can be either a Rosary, a cord or other item that is wrapped around the couples shoulders to signify their eternal bond as well as the Groom's promise to protect and provide for his family and the Bride's trust in him.

I would be honored to help you incorporate any of these into your ceremony with my 'Ceremony Builder' that is 39 pages - over 100 readings, poems, vows, etc. (both Secular & Religious) to choose from to create a personalized one.  Quotes from William Shakesphere to John Lennon, Marianne Williamson to the Dalai Lama, Dr. Who to Dr. Seuss. I can also add a favorite poem or song lyric of yours, anything you want.

It's so important that when you are standing at the altar, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes, the words spoken to unite you in marriage must perfectly express your beliefs and love for one another.

Whatever you want, I will happily work with you to make your celebration the one you've always dreamed of having.  Your day, your way!

I have a portable wireless PA system with a microphone so if you have more than
30 guests, I can bring it to make sure everyone can hear your ceremony. (o:

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